Lon took me to Dylan Prime for my birthday because Kasi recommended the cheese fondue and Lon knows that I want to dip everything into melted cheese =P

The fondue (made with farmhouse cheeses) was delicious! The consistency and flavor was perfect. It comes with chopped granny smith apples, pieces of bread, fried onions, and little cubes of bacon between batonnet and brunoise size. The combinations were fantastic and the portion was pretty big. My only complaint is that the bread was just ok and really good bread would’ve made it even better.

Lon ordered the rack of lamb and I got the T-bone steak. Both were the best lamb and steak ever! Perfectly cooked, rich in flavor, looked great, and extremely satisfying. I can’t believe I finished the T-bone but it was that good! We each ordered a sauce which on their menu is a separate section of sauces you can have on the side of any dish you order. Lon got an herb bearnaise, which was nice with the lamb, and my black pepper buerre rouge was also very good. I ate several pieces without sauce though because the flavor of the meat itself was so good.

We ordered 2 sides: red flint polenta and crispy fries. Lon really liked the polenta and their fries made it to the top of my plain fries list. They came out super hot, beautifully golden, perfectly seasoned, really crispy, and you could still taste potato.

The waiter brought out the cheesecake with a candle on top and wished me a happy birthday. The cheesecake was enough for 4 to 5 people but average in flavor and too dense for me, but of course we almost finished it.

All of the important items were delicious. I probably won’t get dessert there again and I was disappointed in the plain and slightly old looking bathroom but the service was excellent and I’m really happy that I celebrated my birthday there. Still several menu items left that I’d like to try so hopefully, I’ll be back.

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