Aja is a nice looking place with nice bathrooms….lots of wood and stone, dimly lit, with a bar on the side and a sushi bar in front. The menu is very extensive, covering Japanese, Thai, and Chinese cuisines.

We decided to get a soup, a salad, and 2 appetizers, and 1 entree to share. The calamari salad was our starter. Nicely friend pieces of tender calamari scattered across mesculan greens with a nice dressing on the side. There was some grape tomatoes and raisins tossed in. The raisins didn’t match the dressing and I didn’t like the slight aftertaste in the calamari batter but it wasn’t too bad. The crab chowder was a very average Chinese soup thickened with egg and cornstarch. There wasn’t enough flavor in the actual broth or stock. The rest of the dinner was better.

The lamb kebabs were so nicely spiced, perfectly cooked (medium rare), and came in a large portion. Our only complaint was that some pieces were very tendinous. Next, we got Thai Spiced Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Tender chunks of chicken sauteed with sweet Thai basil and peppers. This portion was also very plentiful and by now I was kind of full (partially because I ate the whole soup because Lon didn’t like it).

Luckily our entree was light, a beautifully arranged sushi sashimi platter. We were pleasantly surprised with how incredibly fresh the fish was. 4 pieces of sushi and tuna, salmon, red snapper, sardine, and hamachi sashimi, about 3 pieces of each, with a crunchy spicy salmon roll. It was all delicious.

We looked over the dessert menu but didn’t spot anything interesting….so we stopped in at Dunkin Donuts on the way home for my late night coffee fix.

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