It was a beautiful night last night so the plan was to eat outdoors. We walked up 2nd Ave and looked at several menus. When we were finally decided on a restaurant, Kasi and Stephen (Lon’s sister and brother-in-law) appeared out of no where. Actually, they just walked out of the bar next door, but more importantly, they were also ready for dinner and Kasi had eaten at Zuccchero e Pomodori before so in we went.

Dinner was eventful. The table was so sloped that a bread plate flew off and hit the girl in the neighboring table. Luckily, the couple was nice so it actually sparked some friendly conversation. I got to meet one of Kasi’s friend, who was flagged down as she was leaving the bar,so she joined us for a few minutes. And, of course it’s always great to see family/friends unplanned.

The menu offers all the standard Italian fare with a few extras. Their pasta section is broken into dry pasta and fresh pasta. I don’t really understand why they even need dry pastas but…….
We shared an appetizer of clams and mussels. It was a large portion with a good sauce so we went through 2 baskets of bread with the dipping. The clams were the juicy little ones I like but the mussels were a little over-cooked. It was a bit too salty, even for me but still enjoyable. Stephen ordered a seafood pasta and Kasi ordered the gnocchi pomodoro. They both liked it and I tried Kasi’s sauce and it was pretty good.

Lon ordered the veal saltimbocca and cleverly stuck a spoon beneath his plate when it came, in order to balance out the slant of the table. It was nicely arranged on top of a large heaping of sauteed spinach and surrounded by a very very buttery sauce. The flavor was wonderful. I ordered the fresh tagliatelle with calamari fra diavolo. It was a huge portion of nicely cooked calamari and a fantastic sauce. It came with squid ink linguini instead of tagliatelle so I figured they probably just ran out. I’m not a huge fan of squid ink pasta because it’s a little less al dente but I didn’t complain because it was still pretty good and the sauce was making me happy enough.

I don’t think any food was left on our table….Lon and I finished Kasi’s sauce with the remaining piece of bread. We glanced over the dessert menus but decided to go to the Dunkin’ Donuts right next door. It was starting to get a little chilly and I like the coffee there. Lon and I shared an apple crumb donut that neither of us liked that much but my coffee was really good (each DD varies a bit). Stephen had a jelly donut and Kasi got a vanilla frosted one but only got about 1/3 of it because Stephen and Lon kept stealing pieces of it. Lon took some of Kasi’s hot chocolate too but I guess that’s what I would’ve done to Justin so….Lon also got some kind of Nestle Quik banana milk but it wasn’t that great….agreed by all 4 of us.

The dinner (not including DD) was approx $20 pp including tax and tip. I would gladly go back and just make sure I sat at a straight table next time.

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