Welcome Spring! Lon and I went roller blading through Central Park last night. It was gorgeous out! Of course we were starving afterwards….so we went to this good neighborhood Italian on 59th and 1st called Trattoria Pesce Pasta. I know I usually don’t give location details (because I think you should be able to look it up yourself fairly easily) but this time I’m giving the cross streets because there are so many Italian places with similar names. I swear I’ve been to one on East 3rd or East 4th with a similar name and also one on the UWS.

So moving on, they have mediocre bread, not great olive oil, but a good balsamic. We shared a prosciutto and melon appetizer. The cantaloupe was great and the prosciutto was perfectly not too salty (as some are). I would’ve preferred it sliced thinner but it was very enjoyable as is.

They have a very standard Italian menu so we were much more interested in the specials. Several sounded great and I always have a hard time deciding so I’m really glad we had a very nice and helpful waiter. Lon had the farfalle seafood fra diavolo. The seafood was cooked perfectly and included the juiciest mussels! I loved the light tomato sauce. I had the trout which was deboned and laid out beautifully on a white wine, lemon, caper sauce. Again, cooked perfectly. Unfortunately, the side of broccoli was over-cooked and pretty tasteless. It was also really odd looking that there was a small piece of potato and a piece of a carrot on my plate. It was totally unnecessary but I’m not complaining! I really enjoyed my meal.

There isn’t much to the decor to this place, just dark wood everything. The prices are good. Service is good, and good food. I’d go back.

After chatting for a little bit, we went down the block to check out Guastavino’s but it hasn’t re-opened yet. So instead, we walked around Food Emporium for a really long time, talking about food. =P

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