Shila is that new place in Ktown with the silver exterior. The restaurant is 3 floors and the decor is pretty typical of the newer Korean restaurants. Lon and I both noticed the chairs and liked them. As soon as you sit, you’re given a bowl of thick red bean/sticky rice porridge like stuff that is pretty good except that I’m used to this stuff being sweet and this one was sweet with a weird salt flavor that stuck out.

There’s a minimum order of 2 BBQ plates which is common but still stinks! The menu was kind of confusing because it wasn’t broken into the same segments I usually see and they didn’t have soon dubu or dok boki…..We had a hard time deciding what to order and I’m not sure if the
waitress was trying to be helpful or just rush us to order something. We finally decided on the broiled Mackerel and Dol Sot Bim bim Bop, which I only ordered because she kept pressuring me and thinking back, I’m not too happy about this because I never order bim bim bop cause it’s generally boring and theirs wasn’t any better. Actually, it was quite sparse.

OK, back tracking a little….the panchan: they had the standard kimchi (avg), black beans (avg), bean sprouts (a little below avg), Korean mayo salad (slightly above avg), and dried cuttlefish in a sweet sauce (good). The had an awful broccoli dish, a cold baby carrot tempura with ketchup, a really good mushroom salad, and cooked scallion kimchi as opposed the the regular raw scallion version.

The entrees arrived pretty quickly. The mackerel was a very large serving and was possibly smoked or at least cured before broiling. There was a soy sauce based dressing with some chopped green and red peppers on top. It came with a little stone pot casserole with cubes of potato and tofu. It was a little on the sweet side but I still enjoyed the mackerel and side very much. As I already mentioned, the Bim Bim Bop was pretty tasteless and sparse.

They gave us a split orange and a couple of grapes with the check which is common at all the restaurants in Ktown. They have average Ktown prices, average entrees, but below average panchan so I don’t think I would go back.

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