I was invited to celebrate Passover with Lon’s family in Long Island so I hopped the smelly LIRR and headed all the way to Central Islip. I have not been that far from Manhattan since my cousin’s wedding last year but it was worth it for the 3 or more hours of food consumption.

It started with the traditional bitter herbs, parsley, matzoh…..then the appetizers started: chopped liver (which Lon and I decorated with Parsley), turkey and pineapple skewers, Israeli salad, gefilte fish, carrot salad, lots of pickled stuff (red and green peppers, cauliflower, tomatoes, and regular pickles), a pretty salmon terrine, and a really really awesome zucchini salad. The next course was matzo ball soup. By now, I’m already completely full.

More food, an overwhelming amount at rapid speed, comes streaming out of the kitchen: An incredible veal roast with stuffing, roasted turkey, stuffed black squash (with ground turkey and tomato sauce), potato kugel, and bilkes (something like mashed potatoes with onions cooked in chicken fat mixed in and then baked will edges are crispy – so good!)

We rested very briefly and then started working on dessert. There was fresh pineapple and grapes, also dried papaya, pineapple, and apricots. I loved the dark chocolate covered Matzoh and chocolate covered macaroons (they had regular ones too). There was a chocolate chip crumb cake and a blueberry chocolate cake, a big bowl of jello with fresh raspberries inside and marshmallows on top. My favorite dessert was one of Lon’s mom’s specialties – Mandel Bread.

Everything was served with a variety of wines, water, and soda, and dessert was accompanied with tea and coffee. I’m sure I forgot some stuff since there was so so much! I left stuffed, in slight pain, and had a severe food coma. I slept on Lon the whole ride back and made it without drueling all over him =P

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