Highly recommended! Everything we had at Mermaid Inn was delicious, perfect portion sizes, and great service.

Service starts with 2 types of bread sticks. We started with an oyster and bacon chowder. We’re so used to getting heavy creamy chowders these days that the image of chowder in our minds is a thick white soup. Mermaid Inn makes this clear chowder so flavorful, yet fairly light at the same time. The balance of each ingredient and herb was superb. The oysters were cooked so perfectly…..juicy, no sand, no aftertaste.

Our other appetizer was a lump crab meat cocktail which came nicely displayed with a lemon wedge and 2 dipping sauces: cocktail sauce and a mayo based horseradish sauce. I kept the horseradish sauce so that i could use them for my fries later.

Lon ordered the Mahi Mahi which came with perfect grill marks laid on top of a wonderful haricot verts salad. I rarely order Mahi Mahi because it usually becomes dry and flavorless but this one was juicy and the flavor restored my confidence in this fish. I had the lobster sandwhich served with old bay fries and we loved it. The bun looks like a brioche bun the texture is like a soft buttery croissant. It works perfectly with the chunks of tender lobster in a well balanced mayo dressing. The fries were thin and crispy, just the way I like it, and the very faint sprinkling of old bay is just right. Somehow, they manage to make this very fatty entree taste very light in your mouth. The only thing that could’ve made it any better is if I was sitting on the water in Cape Cod.

Already completely satisfied, we’re suprised with a little complimentary dessert of chocolate pudding with whipped cream. They don’t have a dessert menu and don’t need one. Including tax & tip, our meal was about $80 which is well deserved. My only complaint is that they have a very short menu and they only change it 4 times per year. I’m still going back though. =)

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