I’ve ordered from FreshDirect before and have never really had a major problem. One time, one of the items was wrong….like mustard instead if baking soda but….generally if you know which items to buy, it can be a pretty good deal.

After this Sunday though, I would really have to think twice before ordering. Lon ordered a bunch of things to be delivered on Sunday because he was planning on baking some type of cornbread casserole. (Some guys in his office requested it.) It arrived 15 min after the 2 hour delivery window and all the boxes were soaking wet. The boxes being soaked is not really a problem in itself, other than soaking his rug, but the problem is that the bag of flour inside was soaked. I don’t think I really have to explain the problem with wet flour.

Next problem is that the bag of par-baked breads had all defrosted. Fresh Direct actually has fantastic par-baked breads but should arrive frozen. The idea is not to have to eat all of them that day. So, I’m not done. The next problem is that some of the eggs had cracked in the box and other contents of that box were now covered in raw egg yolk.

Of course, we called FreshDirect to have them return the order but that caused still 2 problems. First, Lon still would not have the ingredients he needed to make the casserole. (The earliest they could replace it is the next day which doesn’t work for normal people who work mon-Fri.) Second, it took 2 more calls after the initial call before they picked it up, which was after 7pm. The initial call was made around 11:30 am.

I’m pretty sure I will endure supermarket lines next time.

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