In celebration of Stephen completing his 6th actuarial exam, we went to Bar 89 because Lon and Kasi (both of whom had been there many times) recommended the burgers and waffle fries. Everyone was disappointed. The food quality had gone down and service was awful. Totally not worth the 45 minute wait. (They don’t take reservations.)

We ordered a nacho appetizer and it never came so when our entrees came, we just canceled the appetizer. The burger meat was tasteless and too small compared to the giant bun. I ordered a cheese burger and the sparse amount of cheese was only on one side. The waffle fries are average but not even my first piece was hot. It’s oddly displayed in a basket with some raw vegetables (a radish, celery stick, baby carrot, and a broccoli floret) and thin slices of melon. There’s no dip for the veggies and we didn’t get silverware until after our entrees were served and we requested some.

The only good thing they have is cool bathrooms with glass doors that fog up when they are occupied. None of us will go back and Lon was upset that he had recommended it to several people before.

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