I was sick all weekend and when I’m sick, I usually want pho (a Vietnamese oxtail noodle soup). It’s the perfect sick food in my mind. I’ve been staying at Lon’s apt while my apt is being renovated and the only Vietnamese nearby is Asia Grill. They had pho so I gave it a shot.

We ordered in and the delivery came in decent time but they forgot my bean sprouts, lemon, and basil. These are essential to pho so we called them and they had someone drop off the missing stuff. They did as I asked and put the raw beef seperately so that it didn’t cook by the time it got to me. The beef was good but unfortunately I still would never order their pho again. The most important part is the oxtail stock and this was a beef broth which is so different. I was very dissappointed. They give an excessive amount of rice noodles though…in case you want to have enough for 3 meals. Lon ordered spare ribs with Bun. It was pretty standard. Next time I get sick, I have to make sure I have access to Chinatown.

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