I had dinner at Sala on Tues night and just wanted to note that I liked it… They have a wide selection of interesting Tapas so the 4 things I had that night were good enough to make me want to try other menu items. The service is pretty fast and I liked the atmosphere……chill with comfortable lighting.

So the food:

2 tostas: One was a seared yellowfin tuna on top of baby spinach with some caramelized onions. It was really good and I don’t really like tuna that much. They seared it perfectly. The second one was a baked brie with Serrano ham. The flavor match was nice but I would’ve prefered the cheese a little more melted.

Some sort of veggie croquettas: They were fried so perfectly so that they weren’t greasy. They were served nice and hot, thin crisp outside with super soft melt-in-your-mouth inside. I can only recommend that they season it a bit more.

Grilled Calamari: This was the best one. It was perfectly grilled….nice and tender with some sort of herb garlic sauce/paste…and lemons to squeeze. AND….it was such a huge portion for a tapa.

In general, the portions were big for tapas, reasonably priced, and I’ve been to the sister restaurant on Bowery and that one is good too. I remember a good Paella, good fried goat cheese, and some kind of bacon wrapped dates that were stuffed with almonds?

Happy Eating!

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