Mare is a pretty ugly restaurant but it’s got decent prices for seafood.

I got an octopus salad appetizer (a special) which was pretty good but very heavy on the green olives. Lon had a really good shrimp bisque and Janny had a pretty terrible New England Clam Chowder that tasted more like really salty potato and celery puree thinned out.

Janny had the grilled Atlantic Salmon. It was fresh and cooked nicely but had a sweet sauce on top which I didn’t like on the salmon. It came with really good mashed potatoes with bacon and peas mixed in. Lon and I ordered from the specials the waitress had suggested. His was a seafood risotto. It was a large portion of fresh seafood but the risotto wasn’t really risotto. It was just some rice (not arborio) mixed in with a very salty white seafood sauce. I ordered the Mako Shark because our waitress kept raving about it being her favorite. I was pretty disappointed. The 3 of us agreed that it tastes a lot more like pork than Mako but the pineapple sauce on top was pretty good. It also came with a side that tasted like home fries with corn in it. I liked the side more than the rest of my dish but it didn’t compliment the dish at all and visually wasn’t a match either.

They did have fresh seafood, cooked to the correct temperatures, and good portions. Some flavors were really good too. I think the problem stems from not knowing where to put what sauces and what sides. So if I go again, I’ll stick to the simple stuff…raw stuff, fried stuff, or just broiled.

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