Gradisca has very good authentic food but I don’t think I’d go back. My brother, Lon, and I shared a mussel appetizer. Great tomato sauce with just a little kick. We wiped the plate clean with bread but the bread wasn’t the best which doesn’t really make sense considering that they leave very good bottles of olive oil and balsamic on the table.

They make fresh pastas (and grandma was sitting at a table right out front doing it for everyone to see) which is always a big plus in my book. Lon ordered the Papardelle with a lamb ragu which was very flavorful but sort of lacked that al dente bounce. I had a unique dish that was made like a lasagna but instead of pasta, it was layered with fried zucchini and hard boiled eggs between the sauce and cheese. I loved the flavors and textures but I can’t justify paying over $20 for that again considering my 2 complaints about Gradisca:

1. My brother ordered the Scallop which was delicious but it didn’t come out until after I had finished my entree already and Lon was half way done with his. If it wasn’t my brother, I prob would not have eaten until all the entrees had arrived and then my dish would’ve tasted awful cold.

2. The space was very ugly.

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