We gathered in Ktown for my cousin Vivien’s birthday and ate at Seoul Garden, my favorite restaurant in Ktown. The BBQ squid was kind of overcooked but everything else was really good as always. I ate way too much!

BUT, like my mom always says…..Dessert goes in a separate stomach. (I really wish that were true.)

So we hopped in cabs and headed over to Buttercup. I didn’t really like the service but most items were really yummy. I highly recommend the banana pudding! The yellow cake with chocolate frosting is also really good and just as the classic should be. I wanted the strawberry rhubarb pie but they don’t sell it by the slice so we got something they call raspberry sour cream bun. It looks like a muffin. It was dry and tasteless. I was so dissappointed! It tasted like those muffins that are like sugar-free, fat-free, eggless, and devoid of anything good. Yuck! I didn’t taste any cupcakes but everyone looked happy with them. My coffee was cold which is a major peeve of mine but I’d still go back, just for the banana pudding.

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