This past weekend was a good one because I ate at Diner 24 twice! After Winnie’s birthday party on Fri (at 6s and 8s) we (about 10 of us?) went to eat at about 3 or 4am. Of course we got Disco Fries because their Disco Fries are the main reason for going there. The fries are nice, thin, and crisp with a nice balance of melted brie and truffle oil drizzled on top (with plenty to spare on the bottom) and a sprinkle of herbs. To me, it’s heaven in a bowl. Two of my favorite things (french fries and cheese) in harmony together. But now, late night dining is even better. They have the best onion rings now too! It’s only on the late night menu (12am-6am) and it’s a small portion but so GOOD! They’re think cut slices with just a really thin layer of crispy, well seasoned batter. Now is the sad part….I wanted to try another new item they offer – meatballs. It was very bleh. It uses the sames sauce from their duck meatloaf (which is a big portion and really good) but the meat itself is flavorless and kinda chewy in a wierd way. Very disappointing.

On a happier note, I went to Diner 24 again last night after closing up Cassava. Janny and I braved the record blizzard to get Disco Fries. Unfortunately, it was still too early to get the onion rings but the huge bowl of golden fries with melted brie and truffle oil sauced over quickly helped me over come the dissappointing news…..but after we finished, I did ask Janny if she wanted to wait cause it was almost 12 and then we could get the onion rings. =)

Ok, so I got the “24 burger” with caramelized onions, mushrooms, and american cheese. I like their burgers cause it’s a nice big chunk of meat and when you order medium rare, it comes medium rare! It comes with fries so I got to use up the left over brie truffle sauce too. Janny got the duck meatloaf which is so good that I hate calling it meatloaf. It comes with mashed potatoes and a great brown sauce, scattered with peas and mushrooms, and lots of fried onions on top that stay crispy.


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