Mexicana Mama Centro Mexicana Mama Centro opened up a few blocks from us, and became a last minute resort for dinner when our plans changed. We grabbed one of the three little tables outside and enjoyed the perfect weather this evening, starting with a Salsa Piquin (the salsa of the day) with tortilla chips. We do think it’s a little cheap for a Mexican restaurant to charge for chips and salsa but we would pay the $4.50 for this salsa again. It was like a Mexican spiced Vodka Sauce, a little sweet, tomato-y and creamy. Interestingly, there’s no dairy in it but the nice emulsification was deceiving.

Salsa Piquin and Chips.jpg

Our appetizer was also a special of the day, blue corn tortillas stuffed with a wonderful pork filling that tasted like fond mixed with cheese. It was a tad oily but I could’ve eaten another one.
Blue Corn Tortilla with pork filling.jpg

Our waiter, who gave thorough descriptions, told us that Enchilada Suiza and Taco de Puerca were there two most popular, so that’s what we ordered. The Enchilada Suiza came out nice and hot, covered in cheese and a well balanced tomatillo-poblano sauce. The flour tortillas were soft and the chicken, cilantro, onion filling was good, but could have been better with more dark meat than white. I only ate a few bites of the accompanying rice and beans which were dry and flavorless (and usually a favorite at Mexican restaurants).

Enchilada Suiza

The Taco de Puerco was terribly dry. The corn tortillas, the pork, the bland beans, the rice, were all dry. Even the sauce had dried up onto the tortillas.
Taco de Puerco.jpg

The food started off well and then just slid down further and further. Some of it was pretty good but overall, it wasn’t worth the $54 (including tax and tip).
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