Lon and I made one of our best meals yet for Mother’s Day lunch. Both of our moms and Lon’s Grandma were the guests of honor; our brothers and my dad were in attendance as well. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and my brother claimed it was one of the best lunches he’s ever had! I’m sorry to say that we didn’t use recipes for most of the lunch, but below we’ve linked to recipes for any that we did.

Seafood Salad on a Bed of Curry Slaw

The purple cabbage, green cabbage, and shredded carrots was dressed with a mix of mayonnaise, honey, whole grain mustard, cider vinegar and curry powder. The seafood was a blend of blanched bay scallops and shrimp, steamed and shelled mussels, grilled squid and octopus, all marinated in cider vinegar, shallots, garlic, olive oil, and then tossed with fresh cilantro. The key is that seafood cooks almost instantly: so don’t over-cook.

Chicken Spring Salad
This was a last minute idea that came together so nicely. I used a romaine base and layered roasted chicken, roasted red onions, maple smoked bacon, chunks of mango, and strips of cucumber. The dressing was made of white balsamic vinegar, honey, whole grain mustard, olive oil, and cumin. The flavors came together so well and the unique combination is now one of my new favorites. The colors also add so much to the presentation: the cucumber and mango balance the darker-colored proteins.

Grilled Brook Trout with Pepper Relish

Lon bought 4 gorgeous butterflied, bone-out, head-on brook trout at Whole Foods that he sprinkled with olive oil and seasoned before placing on a hot grill. While two flipped perfectly, the other two broken up a bit. They still tasted right. A relish of diced yellow bell pepper, finely diced jalapeños, cilantro, garlic powder, onion powder, and olive oil was generously spooned on top. The fish was cooked perfectly: tender and juicy.

No-Knead Boule
The bread was incredible. It was devoured so quickly that we wished we had made two! Lon found this recipe that requires very little work, yet it comes out tasting like a bread that you kneaded and worked multiple times. This is our second time making it.

The dish we made was based on a recipe from AllRecipes, but we made a couple of changes. Due to availability and taste we used canned butter beans. We didn’t start by cooking these in the 1/2 cup of butter that was suggested. Leaving out half the butter made the dish healthier and closer to our taste. Also we grilled the corn on the cob before adding to the recipe. This adds a fantastic layer of taste and aligned with our other grilled items.

This recipe from AllRecipes called for a bread machine, which we don’t have, but luckily the two most popular reviews for this recipe gave tips on how to adjust. It came out great; very, very close to Cinnabon. Our only adjustment was to dress with half the icing (it was plenty) and to sprinkle the icing with brown sugar and cinnamon.

We also enjoyed a variety of fruits including grapes, bananas, small nectarines. Plus we had two bags of the Green Apple Cotton Candy from our dinner at BLT Fish.

At first, I thought the constraints would make this a so-so meal. My mom is allergic to lemon and lime. Lon’s mom can’t have any onions, (including scallions or shallots) raw; and she is allergi to anything like red wine including red wine and balsamic vinegars. And neither my dad or my brother eat cheese.

The entire meal turned out terrific. Everything tasted so good independently and also fit together perfectly as a meal. We used Spring as our theme. Continuous tastes included grilling, seafood, and vegetables; also, most of this was quite healthy. The colors (yellows and oranges) were great and we had some non-alcoholic champagne to top the meal off.

I was so pleased with this lunch, I want to make it again! For more images and close-ups of our dishes in this meal, check out our Flickr page.

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